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Rach [userpic]
by Rach (keators)
at November 14th, 2007 (12:59 pm)

iRead: Awesome Fiction for Way Boring Transport.

Submissions of awesome sexy fiction, poetry or essays, for the launch of iread - stories which can be accessed on the web, mobile phones, pdas, and by those few who happen to have (in Australia) illegally cracked an iPhone...?

Surely, you can’t all afford your library fines?!

Launches December 1st :)

Submit story snippets and favourite pieces via jasminowl@hotmail.com




{p.s. Mods, feel free to delete if this isn’t a-ok on your comm.. :)


Rach [userpic]
by Rach (keators)
at March 25th, 2007 (03:02 pm)

Hey muffins. ^_^

I’ve been writing snippets now; my novel is currently paused (if you happened to peruse that…). So I’ve more or less turned my journal into just a writing journal, not just for my novel.  I’d love it if you wanted to drop by and tell me what you think of my work. ^_^. I’d love it if you tell me what works, and what I need to improve on.

Here’s a linky to my writing journal.



artikgato [userpic]
New member, new Nibble!
by artikgato (artikgato)
at February 6th, 2007 (11:41 pm)

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This community was such a good idea to make! I love the concept of random excepts from stories that are much, much longer. I hope that this community will grow~!

Anywho, my internet/pen name is Artikgato, or AG for short. I've got about, oh I dunno, a bajillion novel/short story ideas in my head, but I'm only concentrating on one, and putting the ideas for others on the backburner. (Translation: They'll never get written, because I'll be working on this one for EVAH.) I primarily write in the fantasy genre, though I occasionally have random cyberpunk and/or romance story concepts pop into my head.

My current novel is called Shadow Slayers (which is a working title...kinda.), and I've got a prologue and three rather wordy chapters churned out so far, over the course of the past six or seven months (not counting the years of planning, plotwork, and the seven or so rewrites of the first chapter).

Title: An Excerpt From the Prologue
Novel Title: Shadow Slayers
Characters: Spikora Mori, Amako Kimatari, Kaisetsin Kimatari
Rating: T, Spikora tends to cuss like a sailor
Author's Notes: The full prologue can be found here, but for now I'm just posting a small excerpt.

dawby [userpic]
a nibble. from somewhere.
by dawby (dawbygirl)
at November 8th, 2006 (12:16 pm)

Title: untitled girl mage young adult novel
Author: Dawby
Characters: Emma Moraserinor, Vin Miller
Notes: A quick little dribble, because I'm a sucker for romance, in all its ridiculous forms.
Rating: G. ish. Okay, maybe PG.

Rach [userpic]
by Rach (keators)
at November 5th, 2006 (08:24 pm)

I’m working on a novella for a writing class. I’ve got a draft here, however, I’m not sure if it is coherent. If anyone had the time (or inclination!), I’d love it if you could look it over and tell me what you think, or what I need to work on! I’m worried a lot of it doesn’t make sense!
(p.s. if this post isn’t appropriate mods, please delete! =) )

Thanks! =)

dawby [userpic]
by dawby (dawbygirl)
at September 10th, 2006 (05:23 pm)

current location: work
current mood: busy

Title: first full novel summary I've ever churned out
Novel Title: untitled "magic girl" young adult novel
Characters: many
Rating: G
Author's Notes: So here we are! Draft 2 of the summary for the first novel I may actually finish, thanks to my daughter Emma (who insisted that the heroine share her name) demanding a bedtime story. A lot of the terminology needs to be tweaked, but here is something, at least!

SummaryCollapse )

serapiphanies [userpic]
Welcome Aboard!
by serapiphanies (seraaches)
at June 26th, 2006 (08:42 am)

current mood: pleased
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Greetings one and all who have deigned to join Novel Nibbles. ^^ I'm so glad to see people have already joined. *waves vigorously*

I guess I'll do a quick intro of myself, though most of you (( as of right now yous )) know me. ^^ Feel free to intro yourself as well! ^^

I go by Sera which is short for Seraaches al'Kaine, my online persona and wot may end up being my pen name. hehe I'm. . . twenty something, I think, and happily married to Trebias Hoshikage. ^^ I'm actively working on. . . 7 novels right now, I think, so keep a close eye on the novel title when I post. hehe

I started this community because, try as I might, I couldn't find a good community for novelists. There are lots of drabble communities and fanfic communities, all of which I'm sure are fabulous, but novels are my passion and someday I even hope to finish one. xD;

I will do my absolute best to read over everything that's posted here and leave comments. I will admit that I'm pretty busy right now, and my life's schedule goes up and down like a sine wave on crack, but from personal experience I know how hard it is to get a good critique, or even a comment to say that someone IS reading wot you write. These are both very important to me and I hope I can pass that on to you as well.

Keep that quill scratching. We're here. ^^

serapiphanies [userpic]
by serapiphanies (seraaches)
at June 25th, 2006 (10:16 pm)

Welcome to Novel Nibbles!

So wot exactly is this community about? We're about writing original novels and supporting each other whilst we do so. We are not a fanfiction community. This is for original characters, plots, etc. ^^

A "Nibble" in this case is defined as a dribble from your novel. ^^ Novel + dribble = nibble. xD; This is NOT the place to post your 200 page manuscript all at once, though you ARE welcome to include a link in your posts to a full version of your novel.

Wot rules have we?
1) All work must be original.
2) Your work must be behind a cut ( <lj-cut text="this is wotever!"> Novel nibble here</lj-cut> ) WITH any appropriate warnings. We'll have a basic form for you to use. Look for it below. ^^
3) We support each other. Why is this a rule? Because you need to support your fellows as we support you. Leave critiques, compliments, suggestions etc. Be active and involved, especially if you want others to be the same towards you.
4) Be nice. Even if you think the Nibble bites, present your criticism in a nice way. Do unto others, ne?
5) We do NOT accept pieces over an R rating. Please don't post that sort of thing here. We're not saying you can't write it, just don't post it here. And if your novel includes something like that, be sure to warn EVERY time you post a link to the full version.
6) Rules are subject to change without warning. ^^ You are responsible for keeping up with them.

Other than that, just have fun and enjoy yourself!

Form ( adapted from oc_art100 )::

Title: Of the Nibble, if it has one or you feel like it. xD;
Novel Title:
Author's Notes:

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